Partner Program

We have a range of top quality products and services that are able to be resold.

For our partners we significantly cut the price of our services, which allows you to resell them and profit.

There is a one off charge of $NZ50- to open your Partner account.

You are able to then issued with a username and password and become able to access the Partner area, and are able to purchase services at reseller prices.

We have a large number of web designers and resellers transfer existing hosting accounts to us.

We can also provide you with your own DNS name servers and Thawte SSL Secure Certificate. This allows you as a reseller to have the look and feel of your own web hosting company, and to provide anonymity as to the hosting firm you are working with.

With InterSpeed's Partner Plans you can focus on growing your business.

For those with many web sites or a large web site.

We have had reseller clients with many web sites wish to move their accounts to their own server. There are inherent reliability problems in running all of your web services on one server. And then there is the costly system administration. And how about back-up and ongoing health checks and security issues. In our experience, it does not work.

In response to this, we have created the Partner Plan, where you locate all your accounts on our system, and we take care of all of the system(s) and servers.

You get all of InterSpeed's comprehensive features as well as being able to host all of your web sites, unlimited domains with disk space on both Linux and Windows servers.

Partner Hosting Plan

Features include:-

Fixed monthly pricing for up to an agreed number of web sites

Priority Support. We are likely to be looking after your business, your livelihood. We prioritise any of your support requests, and provide mobile phone contact details for our key personnel (for use in the event a critical issue arises)

Agreed disk space allocation to meet your requirements

  • Unlimited domain names
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Linux platform and/or Windows platform
  • MyPanel Management Console
  • MyPanel Management Console for each of your clients
  • Large allowances for outgoing data transfer / bandwidth
  • MySQl (limited to 10 50mb database)

... and so much more. With the Partner Plan there are no extra charges for adding domain names, hosting accounts, web sites (up to the pre-agreed number) and e-mail addresses.

Our fully integrated, easy to use MyPanel domain name and web hosting management console allows you to simply log in and manage all your domains, all your websites, all your clients and more. The system is fully automated, and operates in real time. There are also options such as using the billing module to bill your clients.

Should you wish to you can also offer your clients access to their own MyPanel client hosting management console so that they can manage their web sites, manage e-mail, and view statistics.

  • Interested in going further with a Partner Plan?
  • Not everyone is suitable for the Partner Plan.
  • We need to talk to you first. Contact Us