Making a name for Yourself

Register your domain name now before someone else does. Register a domain name with Interspeed and receive the benefits of the free domain name business card hosting plan including free domain name parking, domain redirection and domain name email forwarding.

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This section explains all about securing your own unique name as your email and website address. Clearly explained are the benefits, and there are many, of having a domain name and address, and the different types of domain name you could consider. You’ll also learn how to go about registering your domain name and what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly and that you, the registrant, are protected.

Look at the benefits

Every domain name has to be unique. Domain name requests are dealt with on a first come first served basis and as more and more businesses and individuals register domain names, it will become harder to find one that isn’t already taken.

So even if you’re not thinking of putting up a website today, with prices at $39.95 per year for and $49.95 for .com names, it makes sense to register your domain name now to secure it for the future.

1, 2, 3 Go!

Getting your domain name organised

Think of a name! First you need to decide on a name as well as deciding which Second Level Domain is most appropriate to your operation, i.e, .com etc....

Check its availability. In the box labelled ‘Domain Search’ below type your desired domain name and select the second level domain(s) you want by placing a check in the appropriate boxes (this is known as a WHOIS search and will scan the entire register of names). The search takes seconds and will tell you that your proposed name is either available or that it is currently being used. If it is being used, think about abbreviations in your domain name or maybe letters, numbers or hyphens – just like car number plates, a bit of creativity can often solve the problem!

Make it yours. Register your domain name by following the next easy steps. It’s that simple! The only other thing to remember is that you don’t own your domain you simply register the right to use it for a period of time. So when that period expires, you will need to renew. And we will even help you with this by reminding you at least one month in advance!

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