InterSpeed Web Solutions began operation in 1999 from an office in Ruakaka in the Far North of New Zealand. Friendly, reliable and efficient service soon made this a highly successful business.

As the company grew, so did the loyal clientele. This saw growth that meant the office soon located to larger premises in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand and established its servers in a new state of the art data centre.

In 2004 Graham Gaylard, one of the founders of Wave Internet and now Managing Director of NetValue Limited, bought the Company. Along with his other senior executives and partners from the Internet industry, Graham expanded the operation by putting together a team of seasoned Internet experts from well-established Internet backgrounds. This team has made significant improvements to the systems and added a range of new products and services to the mix.

Today Interspeed employs a broad group of people with extensive experience in the Internet Industry, from System Administration through to Customer Support and all aspects of Web Hosting and Design. They are all highly skilled in their particular fields.

All in all a diverse team who you can trust to competently attend to all your web requirements, technical and support needs, both now and in the future.

About Our Services

Interspeed is a web hosting company providing a full range of domain name registration services, web design and web hosting services and solutions for individuals, small and medium sized businesses

Interspeed is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with individuals, small and medium sized businesses, and providing exceptional technical help and support.

Our speciality is our world class reliable web site hosting.

We can help you choose from a diverse range of products from our standard design and hosting services and "promotional specials" to a customised package tailor-made to specifically suit you needs, or even managed services on your own server located in our data centre.

Through our domain name registrar business, broad portfolio of standardised email, web hosting, design, business builder (e-commerce) and advanced hosting services we provide a complete solution to help individuals and businesses use the power of the Internet to grow their businesses.

At Interspeed we are committed to providing an excellent service. This means having a robust family of products at a competitive price, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability, staying on the cutting-edge of technology innovations, and setting a high standard of customer service.

Customers should expect nothing less.


Interspeed will be the New Zealand leader in delivering world class web hosting solutions to small and medium businesses through providing clients with a combination of industry leading reliability, performance, technology, service and value.